With 30 years of experience in nature/adventure tourism, Manu Adventures has created the best expedition programs in Peru’s Manu National Park, emphasizing the balance between conservation and exploration. They offer unforgettable trips along the Alto Madre de Dios and Manu Rivers, immersing guests in the pristine nature of their private reserve. With a commitment to sustainability, they provide top-notch accommodations and the best expeditions in the Amazon Rainforest, ensuring that guests enjoy enriching experiences while protecting the region’s biodiverse ecosystem.




UNESCO officially recognizes this natural paradise as a world heritage site. In 1977 they designated Manu as a World Biosphere Reserve because it contains the best existing example of biodiversity in protected areas of rain forest, as well as endemic areas of cloud forest.

1000+ Bird Species have been recorded inside Manu National Park
Manu is home to more than 220 species of Mammals
More than 240 species of Herps have been identified in Manu National Park
210 species of Fish call Manu National Park Home
There are thousands of invertebrate species waiting to be scientifically described inside Manu National Park






Travis C
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Manu Adventures was a well organized tour going into the Amazon. Instead of the 5th day going to a hot springs it would be better to go deeper in potentially to possibly see different wild life. The guide Pablo was very knowledgeable, nice and fun. I think the tours in the reserved zone could be best to potentially see more and different wild life but those tours are 7 or 8 days and there needs to be enough people signed up. I don't know for sure how much better they could be. It's all luck when it goes to seeing the wild life. The food was great and accommodations were good too. I talked to someone who went to a lodge on a fairly far boat ride from Iquitos on a 10 day amazon trip and he saw lots of cool wild life. He said that shorter trips that didn't go as far away from Iquitos could be good too for seeing wild life but who knows. It's hard to say what location is best in the Amazon. Seems like Iquitos, manu and tambopata are the 3 most common location.
Pia S
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We had a really nice 4 days trip with Manu Adventures. The communication in advance was very nice and professional. We got all the details we needed. Our guide Cleber has an insane knowledge of the flora and fauna and you can tell it's not just a job but a passion. He could tell a lot and answer all questions. He was also very careful with the plants and animals. Thanks to the chef Rolando, we had very tasty food and were even surprised with a champagne for our 1st anniversary. We also felt very safe with our driver. We can absolutely recommend the agency and especially our guide Cleber and the team.
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I did a 5 day tour with Manu adventures and it was amazing. We were at the beginning of the rain season, but that was not an issue at all. The lodges are very nice and there was even hot water (in other lodges they don't have this always). I saw so many birds, monkeys and other beautiful animals. I would highly recommend to stay at least 5 days, and if it's possible even longer (I would have stayed longer if it was possible). You see more of the wildlife then. The crew is amazing. Big props for our cook Dora and the guys of Erica (Panchito en his son, Franklin, Danilo and everyone else who I forgot). But the biggest shout out to our incredible tourguide Silver (how is actually made of gold, I think😊). He knows so much and is very enthusiastic about the jungle. He is always trying to spot some animals for you. And besides that he is a really nice guy.
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I travelled alone in Peru for 3 weeks. For the last week I chose the 5 day and 4 night tour to Manu. I was put in a "group" with 2 others. That was fantastic. We, 3 people, had a guide, and a trainee for the hole tour. The guide, Silver, was amazing. It is seldom I trust a person, that I really dont Know. But is was very easy to trust, that Silver had it all under control. He showed that from the start. And I could relax. Besides that Silver is polite, serviceminded and on time. He is a great spotter of animals and his knowlegde is impressive. And he speaks a good English and is easy to understand. The tour itself was as I had hoped for. I saw the rainforest, both in rain and sun. I tried riverrafting, rappelling, ziplining and were in a hot spring. We had the logde for ourselves, 3 people ( And the staff). Fantastic. The lodge, Erika Lodge, is a simple lodge in a remote area without internet and telephone coverage. That was exately what I needed. I got to read a book for the first time in years. Great! The lodge could need an update in furniture in front of the house and in diningroom. This is not luxury. It is simple with showers and toilets in a seperate building. But it fits the hole experience. I was alone in the tour the last 24 hours. I thought it would be strange. But Silver made it to a great time. The only complain I had, was that I did not understand instructions given for ziplining and rappelling, as was given in spanish. Luckely one of the guys in the tour could translate and they showed how instead. I had a great time with activeties and still a relaxed tour. my recommendations.
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The guides knew everything about the animal and plant life. If u can handle a long bus ride with amazing views on the edge of a cliff it is well worth it. The first lodge was so cool. In the middle of the jungle. If u like nature u will love it. The rafting was exciting. The second lodge was even better. Best view of the water from the porch. The ziplinig was fun also. The guide was drinking water from vines, pointing out monkeys, caimen, and other wildlife, and showing us things that u only see on national geographic channels. I travel a lot and have never experienced the true jungle before. It was even cooler that we had to take a boat to the second lodge. No other access. This is the true jungle experience. Highly recommend Jose and Anibal as guides


    It was 1994 when we started Manu Adventures, we were one of the pioneering companies that first brought tourists to Manu National Park, 30 years later we’re a beacon of ecological awareness and adventure in the heart of Peru. Nestled in the breathtaking scenery of the Manu National Park region, our company embodies the harmony between conservation and exploration. Embark on unforgettable journeys along the meandering Alto Madre de Dios and Manu Rivers and immerse yourself in the pristine wilderness that characterizes our private nature reserve. With a commitment to sustainability at its core, Manu Adventures offers unparalleled Amazon Rainforest expeditions that provide guests with enriching experiences while preserving the natural treasures of this biodiverse ecosystem. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our world-class accommodations, which are consistently praised by discerning travelers on platforms such as TripAdvisor. Experience the wonders of the Amazon Rainforest with Manu Adventures, where every adventure is an opportunity to preserve and appreciate our planet’s priceless natural heritage.


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